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Developing your empires Empty Developing your empires

Post  Khodaran on Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:14 pm

You will get 650+ economy & 10 planets within your FIRST 7 days if you use this method of building (if past first 7 days start with day 3 for all planets)
Any problems or confusion I will help you gladly!
M - Metal Refinery
PP - Power Plant
U - Urban Structure
S - Shipyard
R - Research Labs
SP - Spaceport
Robo - Robotics Factory
EC - Economic Center
NF - Nanite Factory

C - Computer
E - Energy
St - Stellar
W - Warp Drive
L - Laser

*Keep Queue (Q) list full - if you run out of credits the Q activates when you have it
*Repeat PP & U when necessary - each building takes up a certain amount of PP and 1 P
*You will have to get on periodically as your Q finishes building
*Fill up Trade Routes as soon as possible - post trade routes on board or contact guild members directly

Day 1: Build in order add PP & U when needed; use for every planet minus R & S
4 M, 2 R then research 2 C & 4 E
Alternate 4 M, 4 SP & 2 Robo than 3 R & 4 S research 4 E
You should have 5 R, 8 M, 4 Robo, 4 S, 4 SP & 2 C, 3 E with 5 E in your Q by end of day

*Rest up for tomorrow, there’s work to be done*

Day 2: These are the totals you should have by the end of the day
8 R, 10 M, 6 Robo, 6 S, 6 SP with 2 S in Q and 8 E, 2 C, 4 St
If your bankrupt, don't worry, the Q list will activate while your asleep

Day 3: Outpost ships- 8 Shipyards, 1 Warp Drive & 100 Credits *Very Important*
Crystalines - Rare; 3 Solar & 5 Fertility - always good but hard to develop w/o these
Asteroids - not so rare; prefer 3 Solar & 5 Fertility but can accept 4 Fertility
*You want 4+ Fertility 3+ Energy (preferably Solar) & 3+ Metal Resource on any selected planet, moon or asteroid
Build 3 planets today with 2 outpost ships being build for tomorrow
This is what your Home Planet should have by the end of the day:
12 M, 8 Robo, 8 S, 10 SP with 10 E, 10 C, 8 L, 4 St & 1 W researched Build 3 EC, and 3 NF when you have them
Day 4 Should be over 100 economy
Build 2 more planets & build 2 outpost ships for 2-morrow
Should have around 200 economy by end of day
Day 5: Should have enough credits for 6th and 7th bases by nightfall which cost 1600 & 3200 credits
Remember to get Day 3 Home Base stats for all planets Should have around 400 economy at end of day
Build 3 more outpost ships
Day 6: This is the crucial day, you should be able to build your 8th & 9th base in the afternoon & tomorrow morning
Must have around 650 economy & STOP ALL construction & research before your account upgrade ends
Day 7: Spend all day waiting for 12,800 credits even if you have to recycle some structures, then build your 10th base

Defensive Phase: When you have your 10th planet, you want to protect your planets from aggressive players and guilds

First build 5 S on all Bases

You want to research Plasma 1 + Amour 6 then start building Plasma Turrets as soon as you have them.
build 500 fighters on all bases - goal = 1000 on every base
-just build fighters & if you know how to use them, recyclers

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Developing your empires Empty Re: Developing your empires

Post  Khodaran on Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:16 pm

Nutsy tips:

Now, this part is to help you pick the best planets to colonize. There are 3 types of planets. Economic planets, Production planets, and Research planets.

- The best economic planets are Crystalline planets, but they are rare and are seldom seen uncolonized. You can however get Asteroids. There may not be much area on asteroids but you pay less to build certain structures. You'll need these planets or asteroids to get a lot of economy.

- The best Crystallines are those with 5 fertility and 3 solar. Most Crystallines will have 4 fertility and solar though. Just get the Crystalline though because they are very rare. The best asteroids should have 5 fertility and 3 solar. Also 3 metal resources make building much faster.

- The best production planets are Rocky planets. You'll need these planets because they'll build your ships at a much faster rate than other planets.

- The best Rocky planets are those with 6 fertility and 3 solar. Some will have 6 fertility and 2 solar or 5 fertility and 3 solar. Take either of them but having the 6 fertility is very beneficial so keep that in mind.

- The best Research planets are Gaia and Earthly planets. Gaia planets are better and rare so keep that in mind.

- The best Gaia planets have a fertility of 7 and solar of 3. Fertility of 6 and solar of 4 is good too though. Keep in mind that all Gaia planets are good so take them because they are also rare. the best Earthly planets are those with 7 fertility and 2 solar and gas. Although 6 fertility and 3 gas is good too. Also, Glacial planets are also for research but they hardly have metal so it will take a long time for the structures to build. But they do have a lot of area, fertility and energy to be research planets if you have the patience to wait so long for the structures to build.

Those are the Planets you should try aiming for at all costs. Try to find something similar to them if you can't find anything good. Keep in mind that planets are better than moons so try getting the planets since they have more area.


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